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Discounted Tires offers the leading industry tires that have excellent longevity, durability and handling at unbelieveable low prices in Hialeah, FL .


Searching for a specific brand we’ve got you covered everything from Michelin, BF Goodrich, Pirelli, Continental or Goodyear brands.


Don’t know the size or wheel your vehicle needs? Not to worry we can help you find the right set of discounted tires or wheels for your vehicle in Hialeah, FL .

Hialeah Discounted Tires in Hialeah, FL
Hialeah Discounted Tires in Hialeah, FL
Hialeah Discounted Tires in Hialeah, FL

Our Hialeah Clients Get Results

“Absolutely amazing experience! I needed a 2 set of 4 tires for both my wife and I, they gave me first time discount for my purchase and I got all of my tires for less than a hundred bucks, after looking at the bill I noticed that the tires would’ve normally cost me less than I would at any other big brand tire shop. “

Jack Sanders - Hialeah, FL

“My husband and I couldn’t be happier choosing this tire shop for our business, they have some of the best brand tires at the cheapest prices so we could perfectly resell these for the best price to our clients, I couldn’t ask for more. Defintely would give them a try for your business!”

Lauren Peters - Hialeah, FL

“The woman on the phone got me the most craziest price on my friend’s new tire which blew up in the middle of the Palmetto, they seem very nice and they defintely know how to treat their customers. I’d give em another shot any day.”

William Andrews - Hialeah, FL

We Know Our Tires

Work with a company that knows about the tires you need, Don’t throw away your money on people who don’t look out for you. Discounted Tires has team of qualified staff in Hialeah, FL who are ready to answer any questions you may have.


Get Your Tires Lightning Fast

We have a vast inventory of quality tires in Discounted Tires. Straight from the factory reliable and durable for any size of vehicle(s) you’d need and if you need them ASAP, we’ll have them available for you on arrival.


We Make Sure You Get The Best Price

Most of our prices are competitive with other tire shops and inexpensive. If you think you’ve been quoted the best price, think again, we’ll get you the cheapest lowest price in any number of tires or specific tire brand you need.


You Are Always First

Taking care of your needs is our primary goal and central focus. Discounted Tires in Hialeah, FL makes sure we are truly diligent and engaged in any conerns or questions you may have for any particular brand of tires you may need.

We are True To Our Word

Discounted Tires is honest, transparent and direct. No hidden fees or extra charges. Simple and fair price quotes every time.

Why Shop With Discounted Tires Hialeah, FL ?

Discounted Tires Hialeah, FL

Discounted Tires 100% GuaranteeWe are a tire dealer that has been providing a wide selection of factory brand discounted tires to many customers in South Florida. When buying your tires from us we will make sure you a get an awesome discounted price on any selection of tires you need from our vast variety of brands and if you need them on your car we’ll have installed on your vehicle as soon as you drop by one of our locations. Discounted Tires is proud to service residents of Hialeah, FL and ensure your vehicles get the best set of tires that will last a lifetime.


We are equipped to help and advise in what ever tires you need and we’ll even pick the right tires for you depending on the vehicle(s) you need it for.

We’ve heard the stories from our clients receiving the wrong set of tires or from getting bad tires that easily puncture from different tire centers and most of the time for very expensive prices because unlike us they do not understand tires or the quality they are providing. That’s why Discounted Tires makes sure our staff are well trained and ready to provide our clients with the most durable and best selection of tires for an affordable price.

Ready To Get Your Tires

Get Your Tires Today For An Awesome Discounted Price!



Trained staff to provide the best recommendations on tires and treat all our customers in Hialeah, FL like family to insure you get the best service from us.



If you order your discounted tires, you’ll have them fast and without any hassles. We’ll even install them on your vehicle and provide tire rotations if you want.



At Discounted Tires in Hialeah, FL we make sure you have a wide selection of premium brand discounted tires at an amazing and affordable low prices.


Expect to see business signs in Spanish, nearly with no English translation, in this fully engaging city. Hialeah is the fifth most populous city in Florida and is home to the highest number of Latin Americans in the United States. Hialeah’s casual feel and location make it an excellent place to stay in the expanding Miami-Dade County.

You’ll find many small restaurants that promise breathtaking plates of latin cuisine at a low price, bodegas serving Cuban coffee and croquettes, and a race track known as much for its flock of flamingos as it is for its rich horse-race history.

Hialeah’s culture is driven by its multiracial roots. Out of this ethnic city, scores of artists, enthusiasts and musicians have come about to create the extravagant Leah Arts District. Gorge on some latin cuisine and see how lucky you are a race track known as much for its flamingos as for its rich horse-racing history.

Amelia Earhart’s Final Take Off took place in Hialeah which was renamed Amelia Earhart Park.

Hialeah Discounted Tires is proud to serve the community of Hialeah because of its culture, diversity, and artistic foundations.



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